ATD Offers Consumer Rebate for Hercules Tires

March 31, 2022

American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD)  is offering a consumer rebate of up to $70 on the purchase of four qualifying Hercules passenger or light truck tires.

The tires included in the offer are the:

  • Terra Trac Cross-V, an all-season, light truck/SUV/CUV product ($70 rebate)
  • Roadtour 855 SPE, an all-season touring tire ($50 rebate)
  • Roadtour 655 MRE, also an all-season touring tire ($50 rebate)
  • Raptis R-T5, an all-season, ultra-high performance tire ($50 rebate)

"Hercules is committed to building brand awareness and developing timely incentives to drive consumers to our Hercules Power Program retail locations,” says Josh Simpson, senior vice president, Hercules Tires.

"With the pandemic winding down and millions of Americans gearing up for travel back to work, school or vacation, our spring rebate gives consumers not only an extra incentive to try the Hercules brand, but also a way to offset record high gas prices.”

ATD has established a network of approximately 3,500 independent Hercules dealers in the United States who are eligible to participate in the promotion in their local markets.