Sentury Unveils Portal for Tire Dealers

Jan. 7, 2022

Sentury Tire USA's tire dealers have access to a new customer portal that provides live, visual updates of the progress of their orders, whether they're arriving via rail, road or sea.

Access 360 is designed to streamline Sentury's ordering process, and it gives customers access to information and tools to make real-time decisions. Customers also will find marketing content tailored to their needs on the portal.

The system went live on Jan. 1.

“Our new on-demand customer portal allows distributors to have full control over the ordering process, giving them the ability to see the available inventory in U.S.-based warehouses immediately,” says Maxwell Wee, executive vice president of Sentury Tire USA. “The impressive features of Access 360 give our partners a distinct advantage when using Sentury over other factory direct programs.”

Customers can use the platform to place multiple orders in any hour and on any day of the week. They can manage those orders from point A to Z and track deliveries on a map in real-time.

The portal gives customers the availability to see what SKUs are currently available, and then apply specialty filters to narrow their selections. They can also retrieve packing lists, download account statements, process returns, submit claims and adjustments on-demand, as well as schedule shipments in the future.

“Access 360 takes the guesswork out of estimating when a shipment will arrive and economizes time when managing orders,” says Maxwell. “Our goal is to give our clients the ultimate customer purchasing experience that will transform their relationships with the warehouse and factory direct programs we currently offer, and add further value.”