Telle Tire Grows to 19 Locations

Nov. 18, 2021

Telle Tire & Auto Service Inc. has acquired it's 19th location, a Zisser Tire & Auto store in the St. Louis area. The addition gives Telle Tire 10 locations in its hometown market.

Zisser Tire will continue to operate two remaining locations.

"We are very excited about this acquisition," says Aaron Telle, president and CEO of Telle Tire. "Zisser Tire has a great name and reputation in the St. Louis market and John Zisser Jr. is someone I have leaned on for advice throughout the years. This is extremely bittersweet as John just recently passed away unexpectedly.

"John was an individual I could personally call from time to time and just talk business. He was a great advocate for the tire business and a second-generation tire dealer."

Telle Tire now has 19 locations across Missouri, and work to expand its presence in Eureka, Mo. is also underway.

The company has firmed up plans to add a three-bay facility down the street from its existing, store in Eureka. The company will ultimately have 11 service bays in Eureka. Telle says the company has run out of room at its existing site and is adding space to better accommodate consumers.