Fountain Tire Launches TireMobile

Oct. 1, 2021

Fountain Tire is rolling out a mobile tire service to respond to growing consumer demand for convenient service along with greater opportunities in the e-commerce space.

Fountain Tire TireMobile launched in September.

“There’s no question the automotive landscape is changing,” says Nason Higinbotham, director of Southern British Columbia stores at Fountain Tire. “Our customers were looking for the convenience of online shopping and at-home service, without sacrificing the high-quality products and professional installation they’ve come to trust with Fountain Tire. TireMobile was launched in direct response to those needs.” 

Fountain Tire TireMobile combines online booking with on-site installation, seasonal tire changeovers and tire storage services at a customer’s home, workplace or other convenient location.

The service is also available to light-duty fleet customers, and Fountain Tire says it offers the added benefit of less downtime, as multiple service vans can perform services in the fleet's yard.

“Innovation has been one of Fountain Tire’s core values since its inception in 1956,” says Higinbotham. “From on-the-farm service in the ‘50s to digital vehicle inspections, online booking, and now TireMobile, Fountain Tire has led the industry by meeting customers’ needs through creative solutions, state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.”

Fountain Tire TireMobile is getting its start in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.

Why there? The company points to "population density, demographic fit and a pre-existing network of fifteen brick-and-mortar Fountain Tire stores in the region."

TireMobile is supported by participating Fountain Tire locations in the region. Each store contributes to the cost of running the service, and each earns a share of the revenue. One store manager is dedicated to running the TireMobile service, based at the company’s distribution center in Delta, British Columbia.

The mobile service also meets a specific demand during the pandemic for anyone who may be hesitant to go into a retail store.

“Fountain Tire is focused on helping people get there – safely, sustainably and successfully,” says Higinbotham. “TireMobile helps remove barriers that may prevent a driver from staying safe on the road.”