New Braven Bloodaxe R/T 'Tracks Straight and Smooth'

Aug. 20, 2021

The new Braven Bloodaxe R/T tire features an aggressive tread pattern and "tracks straight and smooth on asphalt and dirt roads alike," say Braven officials.

The tire features "generous siping" for optimal traction in wet terrain, signature BattleAxe sideall lugs for extra protection and bite and "molded rim guards (that) help keep rock rash at bay."

The Bloodaxe R/T also boasts advanced radial construction, a chip- and tear-resistant compound, staggered center and shoulder lugs, "stone kicker bars," strategic siping and void lugs and more. 

The tire meets Department of Transportation standards for ATV use only and is available in the following sizes: 28x9.00R14, 30x9.50R14, 30x9.50R15, 32x10.00R14, 32x10.00R15 and 35x10.00R15.