White House Sets Plan to Cut Emissions, Shift to Electric for Cars and Trucks

Aug. 5, 2021

The Biden White House has unveiled draft mandates and aspirational targets to drastically cut vehicle carbon emissions and accelerate the shift to electric models.

The roll-out provides the most complete picture yet of how the White House hopes to reduce vehicle-generated emissions and the state of talks with large automakers.

President Biden also hopes to juice domestic manufacturing of EVs, batteries and related supplies.

The executive order sets a non-binding goal of 50% of all new cars sold in 2030 to be zero-emissions models, including electric and hydrogen fuel cell models.

The same order will instruct agencies to set binding emissions and efficiency rules beyond the mid-2020s for light-duty vehicles and also medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, like semi-trucks.

In related news, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Volkswagen and others are announcing non-binding goals of having 40% to 50% of their U.S. sales come from fully electric, fuel cell or plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2030.

The new mandates are slated to be much tougher than Trump-era light-duty vehicle rules and will essentially restore Obama-era mandates through 2025, then go slightly further in 2026.

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