Support Grows for Right to Repair

March 28, 2023

Twenty-eight bipartisan attorneys general recently sent a letter to Congress expressing support for Right to Repair legislation.

As "our states’ chief consumer protection and antitrust enforcers, we write to respectfully request that you redouble your efforts in the 118th Congress to pass expansive Right-to-Repair legislation targeted at automobiles, agricultural equipment and digital electronic equipment to protect our consumers and farmers across the nation," they stated. 

According to Auto Care Association officials, the letter "specifically references the REPAIR (Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair) Act, stating that it is a 'bipartisan proposed bill to require OEMs to provide a vehicle’s owner with certain data generated by operation of the vehicle itself related to diagnostics, repair, calibration and service through a standardized access platform … [to allow] a vehicle’s owner to designate access of vehicle data to any repair shop or to personally retain the data.'"

The REPAIR ACT was reintroduced this past February. (Click here to read more about it.)