Bartec Software Allows TPMS Battery Testing

April 13, 2023
Bartec USA LLC has released new software for its Tech550Pro, the TECH600Pro and the TechRITEPro TPMS tools, giving techs the ability to test the battery status of TPMS sensors on the vehicle.
According to Bartec officials, in a typical scenario, where the driver brings their car into the workshop with the warning light on, the Bartec tools can first be used to identify which wheel position has generated the fault condition. With the latest software, the technician can then test the condition of the TPMS sensors in the other wheel positions.
The latest software release version 65.1 is now available for download on the Tech300Pro, Tech500 and Tech400Pro tools, software version 5.1 for the Tech550Pro, the Tech600Pro, and the TechRITEpro and version 9.2 for the TPMS Desktop.
Bartec also announced additional vehicle coverage, as well as an update to the TPMS desktop utility for its Rite-Sensor.
“Bartec produces a minimum of four tool updates annually, making us the market leader when it comes to maintaining current coverage," says Mathew Hitchcock, product manager, Bartec. 
"Bartec is continually adding coverage for the most popular aftermarket sensors as well. That means more Rite-Sensor coverage, EZ-Sensor coverage, REDI-sensor coverage and Huf Intellisens coverage for our range of TPMS tools."

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