Goodyear Expands Kelly Line with New Products

May 1, 2023

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. announced the latest additions to its Kelly Tire portfolio with the new Kelly Edge Touring A/S and Kelly Edge Sport tire.

The tires are available now in over 75 sizes, for all major vehicle makes and models, the new Kelly Edge Touring A/S and the Kelly Edge Sport tires are made with an innovative tread design and incorporate features and compounds meant to offer security and performance for daily commuting.

“We’re very excited to introduce the Kelly Edge Touring A/S and the Kelly Edge Sport tires to the market because they provide everyday drivers with products designed with their driving needs in mind,” says Michiel Kramer, director, of product marketing, Goodyear Consumer, North America.

“Whether you need stability or responsive, agile performance, these new Kelly tires will deliver for you and your daily driving needs.”

The new Kelly Edge Touring A/S is an all-season tire that features biting tread block edges to provide traction in all elements; sweeping grooves to free the tire from water and slush; angled tread blocks to stabilize the tread footprint: and more.

The new Kelly Edge Sport is the tire choice for “drivers looking for value-driven, dependable all-season performance.” This tire is designed to be responsive to the needs of today’s performance-minded vehicles and drivers, according to Goodyear officials.

Features of the new Kelly Edge Sport include improved tread compound design to help to handle in wet conditions; asymmetric tread design for all-season handling; sweeping circumferential grooves to improve traction; and more. 

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