Best-One of Indy Employees Save a Coworker's Life

May 15, 2023

A technician at Best-One of Indy's Riley Park Tire store credits two of his coworkers for saving his life by performing CPR after he had a heart attack at work.

Wayne Cooper, a retail technician at Riley Park Tire, woke up not feeling like his typical self on March 7, but opted to go to work anyway. Best-One of Indy said after Cooper got to work, he "started feeling worse and decided to sit down, but instead Wayne collapsed on the floor and stopped breathing."

A fellow technician, Keegan Hite, rushed to Cooper's side and began CPR. After five minutes, another team member, Jason Clark, from the retail sales team, took over CPR and continued for another three minutes. They were able to revive him.

An ambulance took Cooper to the hospital, and he learned he had suffered a heart attack. He had emergency surgery and two stents placed.

Best-One of Indy said, "Without these two men being able to perform CPR, we might not have Wayne here with us today. We are also thankful that the Lord had Wayne come to work that day because on that particular morning, Wayne was home alone. The fact that he came into work and was surrounded by these two men who know how to perform CPR wasn't by coincidence."

About two months later, Cooper returned to work, and he is "thankful every day for being at the right place that morning with his team members by his side."

As he thanked Hite for responding so quickly, Hit responded, "You don’t have to thank me, I was just doing what I was trained to do.” Hite first earned his CPR certification as a lifeguard, and he's maintained it ever since.

Clark similarly said he needed no thanks for his efforts. He said he first learned CPR in junior high school.

Best-One of Indy said, "Keegan and Jason are heroes who saved Wayne Cooper’s life. We are so thankful for their ultimate act of possessing a servant’s attitude."