Kenda Offers Red-Letter Sidewalls on Klever M/T2

June 22, 2023

American Kenda Rubber Co. Ltd. has updated its mud-terrain tire, and in some 35- and 37-inch sizes, the Klever M/T2 (KR629) has added a raised, red letter sidewall option.

Kenda says the same red lettering will be featured on the Klever R/T tire.

And while the company spent two years developing the Klever M/T2, it spent four years working on the red lettering with UV testing and monthly inspections to check for fading from red to an off-brand pink color.

“We brought all the materials (involved) into our tech center and tested them for aging,” says Al Henderson, automotive team leader for engineering at Kenda. “We’ve used an ozone tester to look at each component that goes into the red compound, making sure it’s not predisposed to color distortion over time.”

Kenda is also featuring the red-letter M/T2 and R/T tires this summer in off-road and desert racing series events. Kenda says the events allow them to race and test the same tires that are sold to consumers in retail stores — but in rare environments and extreme conditions. The results provide both performance and durability results.

Michael Higgs, who manages the Kenda off-road racing program, says, “Kenda provides premium performance at a value price and will demonstrate the Klever triple threat great performance, looks and value!”