Hankook Expands EV Tire Line with iON evo

June 26, 2023

Hankook Tire America Corp. has added to its electric vehicle (EV) tire line with the iON evo and iON evo SUV, a high-performance summer tire for electric vehicles.

The new iON evo tire was made with iON technology that focuses on “tread wear, noise reduction and a unique grip performance for EVs,” according to Hankook officials.

The tire fits wheels coming in 18 – 22 inches in diameter and has speed ratings of H, V, W and Y. The iON evo comes in eight sizes as well as the iON evo SUV.

“Following the launch of our first iON all-season tires in the fall, which was met with great excitement in the North American EV segment, these new products meet the demands of high-performance electric cars and SUVs in summer conditions, when drivers can most enjoy the open road and get the most out of their vehicles,” says Rob Williams, president at Hankook.

The new tire is tailored to bear the greater torque that EVs deliver compared to ICE vehicles. The iON evo has a 10% stiffer sidewall than normal and provides better wet grip due to the groove sizes in the tire that help with drainage performance.

A high-concentration silica, the ProDurable Compound ensures that “road pressure is evenly spread to extend tire life and provide healthier tire conditions.” The tires are also engineered to spread ground pressure evenly to provide longer usage and less replacement, says Hankook officials.

Noise-proofing technology is also built into the tire. The tire has a multi-pitch sequencing to minimize tread pattern and noise, “reducing cabin noise by 18% compared to regular tires.”

“iON evo and iON evo SUV expand Hankook’s offering for EV owners seeking the best performance from their vehicles while getting the best out of the electric cars and SUVs they drive,” says Kijong Kil, vice president of RE development at Hankook.