Goodyear Expands Wrangler Line With Wrangler Boulder MT

Sept. 21, 2023

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has introduced the newest addition to its Wrangler tire line, the Wrangler Boulder MT.

The Wrangler Boulder MT was created for off-road driving in tough terrains like mud, sand and rocks.

The tire was engineered with three-ply Duraply Technology for protection against damage to sidewalls and treads. It also features large tread blocks that have TractiveGroove Technology for grip and “keep tires moving through mud, sand and rocky terrains,” according to Goodyear officials.

“Bold off-road adventures require a tire that’s tough enough to withstand rugged terrain, without sacrificing handling or performance,” says Michiel Kramer, director of product marketing at Goodyear.

“We engineered the Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT to deliver the long-lasting performance and versatility that off-road enthusiasts need, enabling them to handle whatever adventure comes their way.”

The Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT is outfitted for a range of SUVs and pick-up trucks and is available in 17 sizes from 31- to 37-inches outside diameter.

Additional features of the tire include an aggressive shoulder design with a big, upper sidewall feature for enhanced grip; TractiveGroove Technology; a large void tread design with built-in stone ejectors; and three-ply Duraply Technology.