Yokohama Expands Geolandar Line

Oct. 5, 2023

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. has introduced the Geolandar CV 4S, an all-season tire for crossover SUVs.

The tire will be launched this autumn in North America, Europe and South Korea. It will be available in 32 sizes, ranging from 245/45R20 103V to 235/65R17 108V.

Yokohama Rubber officials say the tire was developed in response to the growing demand for tires for crossover SUVs.

The Geolandar CV 4S features an asymmetrical tread pattern and has received the mud and snow designation -  that indicates they will deliver "excellent performance" in a sudden snowfall - as well as the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification.

The company says that it wants to continue expanding the Geolandar brand for “use on a wide range of road surfaces.”