Point S Is on a Roll With New Stores in 2023

Oct. 12, 2023

The Point S banner is growing across America, with the addition of 57 new stores so far in 2023, and entrance into three new states — Maine, Michigan and Maryland. That new store total is already more than double the number that opened in 2022.

Of the 57 new locations added as of September, 18 have joined via Point S USA's new associated dealers program, an entry point to the cooperative that doesn't require store rebranding but yet helps buoy the buying power of the added stores, and the group as a whole.

The remaining 39 stores are joining Point S and adopting the brand's look and standards.

Jim Richards, national sales manager at Point S USA, says the group is "thrilled to witness this unprecedented growth within our cooperative. The addition of 57 new stores and the success we’ve had in attracting independent owners underscores the value and appeal of our offerings."

Clint Young, president and chief operating officer, says, "Our programs and how we help stores is unique within the industry, and the benefits of our group are resonating with tire store owners who have joined Point S. We know very well that tire programs are important, but it’s not the only opportunity we have to help an independent owner drive more revenue to their bottom line.”

Point S says the growth and expansion into new states reinforces its ongoing commitment to serve independent tire dealers from coast to coast. It is also "a testament to the appeal of Point S programs, offering highly successful purchasing programs, secondary supply options, and access to six strategically located distribution centers." The group believes one of its key differentiators is its simple monthly payback program.

In 2022 the cooperative added 28 locations, and 12 of those joined via the associated dealers program. That program is just one piece of the group's goal to more than double its store count and have 500 locations in five years. (As of the end of 2022, there were 275 locations in 29 states.) The new stores push the group to more than 300 locations in 32 states.

Point S is also offering incentives to its current dealer members who add a location or refer a new dealer to the cooperative, and for those ready to retire, there's a cash incentive to sell to another Point S owner.

"We encourage potential store owners to connect with our existing stores and hear firsthand about their Point S experience," Richards says. "This approach provides a real-world force multiplier, making it feel like I have a sales team of over 300 individuals."