Mayhew Introduces Three New Products

Nov. 3, 2023
Mayhew Steel Products Inc. released three new products that were highlighted at the 2023 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

The products include Mayhew 2PC. Mini Pry Bar Set, the 3PC. Hammerless Set and the 4PC. Micro Hook and Pick Set.

The mini pry bar set features a curved and straight blade option. The smallest pry bars measure around five inches. The pry bars are made for dash and door panel work and come with a tempered Alloy steel shaft that provides durability.

The 3PC. Hammerless Set is a spring-powered tool that can deliver up to 3,500 pounds of striking force. The set contains a prick punch/center punch tool, a 3/16 pin punch/hammer tool and a cold chisel/hammer tool.

The tool works by placing it on the surface and pulling the spring back and releasing it for the striking force. 

The prick punch is for scribing lines in metal before cutting; the pin punch is used to drive out and remove loosened pins and keys; the hammer is used for pounding nails and other tools; and the center punch is used to mark and indent materials.

The 4PC. Micro Hook and Pick Set features a straight pick, a 90-degree bent pick, a dual-angle pick and a micro hook.

“Each shape, bend and angle has been specifically designed for ease of access into tight areas or unique spaces,” says Mayhew officials.

The set can be utilized for the removal or adjustment of hoses, moldings, clips, clamps, seals, O-rings and more.

All three products were made in the United States.

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