Sentury Recalls Passenger Tires

Nov. 22, 2023

Sentury Tire USA is voluntarily recalling a select batch of passenger tires "produced during Week 17 Year 2023 due to a manufacturing issue, which affects the proper curing of the tires' tread base layer," according to a statement from Sentury Tire USA.

"This recall pertains to 16 SKUs and 12 different sizes within the specified production week (1723)." 

Recalled tires include; 

  • Arroyo Grand Sport A/A (255/45ZR19 104XL W, DOT seral number ITBY7 KB5C 1723)
  • Landgolden LG17 (205/65R16 95 V, DOT serial number TBPB K85C 1723)
  • Landsail LS388 (205/65R16 95 V, DOT serial number TBPB AM5C 1723)
  • Lexani LX-Twenty (255/40ZR20 104XL Y, DOT serial number ITB6L B95C 1723)
  • Lionhart LH-501 (205/65R16 95 V, DOT serial number TBPB K85C 1723)
  • Lionhart Lionclaw ATx2 (245/70R16 107 H, DOT serial number TBJ3 FA5C 1723)
  • Mavis HT-S (255/50ZR19 103 W, DOT serial number ITBYJ MB5C 1723)
  • Mohave Crossover (215/60R17 96 H, DOT serial number ITBN5 MP5C 1723)
  • Mohave Crossover (215/65R16 98 H, DOT serial number ITBPN MP5C 1723)
  • Mohave Crossover (235/60R18 107XL V, DOT serial number ITBXP MP5C 1723)
  • National Commando HTS (235/55R20 102 H, DOT serial number ITB6J P15C 1723)
  • National Commando HTS (255/55R20 107 H, DOT serial number ITB6A P15C 1723)
  • National Commando HTS (265/65R17 112 T, DOT serial number ITBNP P15C 1723)
  • Radar Dimax AS-8 (225/70R16 107XL H, DOT serial number ITBPW K65C 1723)
  • Radar Dimax AS-8 (255/45ZR19 104XL W, DOT serial number TBY7 K65C 1723)
  • Vercelli Strada II (255/49ZR19 104XL Y, DOT serial number ITBY7 B65C 1723)

Following inspection verifying the tires are within the affected population, Sentury Tire USA will replace any tires affected by the recall. The replacement will be provided free of charge.

Contacting Sentury Tire USA's customer service or authorized dealers should provide guidance on the recall process and how to get the affected tires replaced.

To return and replace tires under recall at no cost, contact Sentury Tire USA Consumer Care at (866) 305-2750, available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. PST to 5 p.m. PST. For more information, email Sentury Tire USA at [email protected].