Nokian Launches New All-Weather Tire, Remedy WRG5

Jan. 16, 2024

Nokian Tyres Inc. has launched a new all-weather tire, the Remedy WRG5, for North America.  

The Remedy WRG5 is the sixth generation of all-weather products from Nokian and will be available in the United States and Canada this spring. The tire will come in 70 sizes between 15- to 20-inches.  

The tire is exclusively sold in North America and was made in the Dayton, Tenn. factory, which the company plans to double production capacity to four million tires by next year.  

The Remedy WRG5 holds the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification and has Aramid fibers infused in the sidewall of the tire and features Pothole Protection warranty. It was built for passenger, SUV and crossover vehicles.

According to Wes Boling, senior communications and content manager for Nokian, the Remedy WRG5 was produced to “address unpredictable weather in North America.”  

“It is the most versatile tire Nokian has made because it is an all-weather tire rather than an all-season tire,” says Boling.  

All-weather features

The new tire features an asymmetrical tread pattern for snow grip and uses snow claw blocks, snow boosters and dual performance siping in the traction zone. It also has deep sipes throughout the tire and a center sipe with supporting edges.  

For wet surface grip, the Remedy WRG5 features lightning grooves and venturi grooves for slush and water evacuation. The entire tread belt has wider, more aggressive sipes for a longer-lasting grip.  

The all-weather stability band featured on the tire between the handling and traction zones serves as an anchor between the wet and snow zones, powered by water evacuation cuts that slice through the band.   

This tire is the first Nokian tire with the Electric Fit symbol on the sidewall, which indicates the tire is designed to handle electric vehicle (EV) weight and torque. This is due to the triple-performance compound the tire is made with.  

The triple-compound is tailored to deliver durability, mileage and low rolling resistance across a wide temperature range. 

“Since designing the first all-weather passenger car tire, we have continued to be a leader in the all-weather market, and the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 takes that leadership to the next level,” says Steve Bourassa, North America director of products for Nokian. 

“The all-weather category continues to grow. Dealers and consumers alike realize that products like the Nokian Tyres Remedy WRG5 meet the needs of North American drivers who experience unpredictable winter weather and need a year-round option in areas where it’s hard to justify dedicated winter tires.” 

Nokian Tyres launched the Remedy WRG5 during a virtual tire launch event.