BendPak Unveils SP-7XE Series Lifts

Feb. 22, 2024

BendPak Inc. has unveiled its new full-rise scissor lift series, the SP-7XE.  

The floor- and flush-mount models are available, and the series provides access to traditional two-post lift in a more compact space.   

The series has a rated capacity of 7,000-pounds and can raise most passenger vehicles and light trucks nearly six feet in the air. The lifts fold flat when not in use.  

“The SP-7XE Series is a great choice for shops with limited space or those that don’t need a lift all the time,” says Sean Price, director of sales operations for BendPak Inc.  

“Most people can work comfortably under an SP-7XE, and its open-center design makes rolling equipment under the vehicle easy. Since there are no posts, technicians have full access to the sides of the vehicle, without worrying about door dings.” 

The SP-7XE Series lists are installed without a cross-member. Instead, reinforced steel at the base and the top of the runways provides structural support for this open-center design. The expanded base of the lift with the heavy boxed steel frame gives the lift stability.  

Other features of the lift include a maintenance-free electric-hydraulic power system; pneumatic safety locks; and more.  

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