Hankook Releases Consumer Gauge Index

April 29, 2024

Hankook Tire America Corp. has unveiled its latest edition of its ongoing consumer Gauge Index. 

The Hankook Gauge Index is a survey of Americans' attitudes and opinions about driving. The latest survey, conducted March 13-14, polled 1,012 randomly selected Americans ages 18 and older. 

The Gauge Index revealed that the top challenges for drivers were inclement weather (25%), driving in unfamiliar places (17%) and changing a flat tire (15%). 

Respondents who identified changing a flat tire as the most challenging situation were 17% of Boomers compared to 10% of Gen Z.  

Overall, when bad weather is forecasted to strike, vehicle preparation becomes a ritual for a majority of consumers: 59% check tire pressure and tread depth, 53% refill fluids and 50% replace windshield wipers.  

"The insights provided by the Hankook Gauge Index are invaluable in understanding the evolving needs and concerns of drivers," says Rob Williams, president of Hankook Tire America Corp.  

"As a company committed to innovation and safety, we are dedicated to addressing these challenges and providing tires that cater to all vehicles and driving conditions, ensuring optimal performance and that drivers feel comfortable on the road."  

The survey also discusses parental concerns regarding teen driving.  When teens venture out locally, 39% of parents admit to feeling "a bit anxious but hopeful." However, this sentiment diminishes to 28% when their teens drive long distances.