Mickey Thompson Adds Sizes to Baja Boss M/T Line

July 1, 2024

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels has expanded its Baja Boss M/T line with additional 42-inch and 44-inch sizes, both for 20-inch wheels.  

The 42X13.50R20LT and 44X13.50R20LT sizes are approved for nine to 11.5-inch rim widths providing a range of wheel options while the 20-inch rim diameter sizing allows for larger brake packages.  

“When we launched the Baja Boss M/T line in 2019, it quickly gained a reputation for delivering off-road traction and durability while providing a premium on-road experience,” says Ben Anderson, senior manager of light truck on and off-road for Mickey Thompson.  

“When we saw how many fanatics were pushing their builds to new limits, we knew we had to expand the Baja Boss M/T lineup to include extreme sizes they were seeking.” 

Both new sizes provide enhanced axle clearance while the 13.5-inch width provides a narrow track width ideal for maneuvering in rugged terrain.  

The 42X13.50R20LT and 44X13.50R20LT Baja Boss M/T tires are now available.