Apollo Launches Vredestein Ultrac Pro Tire

July 9, 2024

Apollo Tyres Ltd. has released its Vredestein Ultrac Pro tire, an ultra-high performance summer tire.  

The new tire was developed Apollo's R&D team, which is based in the Netherlands, and is an improvement compared to its predecessor, the Ultrac Vorti+.  

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro offers a 13% reduction in weight across dimensions compared to its predecessor, which enhances steering response, acceleration and braking performance, according to Apollo officials.  

The weight reduction was made possible due to the tire’s materials and design.

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro features a mono-ply construction and expanded flexing zones to provide comfort and stability.  

It's launching in a range of sizes from 18- to 24-inches, applicable for sports cars to SUVs.  

The new tire is also electric vehicle (EV)-ready and has been engineered to extend the range of EVs with its label-class upgrade in rolling resistance.  

All Vredestein Ultrac Pro tires will come with a Y-speed rating and the XL designation. 

To celebrate the launch of the new tire, Apollo has partnered with luxury tuner Platinum Motorsport to create a bespoke $306,000 Range Rover L460, customized to exact specifications in collaboration with Urban Automotive. 

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro is now available in 45 sizes. An additional 55 sizes will be added in 2025.