OTC Connected Adapter Ball Joint Kits are Easier to use

June 2, 2021

The new OTC CA7149 Starter and CA6630 Professional Ball Joint Connected Adapter Kits covers more vehicle models than competitive kits, with fewer adapters.

The patent-pending secure-click C-frame holds adapters, cups and ball joints securely, making it easier to setup, remove and install ball joints, U-joints, wheel studs, heavy-duty wheel studs and more. The new kits are maintenance-free, with no O-rings or split rings to lose or replace, while holding cups and adapters throughout ball joint service. 

Both kits boast an extra-large 9 inch x 2-¾ inch C-frame for use on cars, trucks and SUVs from a Honda Civic up to an F-550. At only 10.4 pounds, the C-frame is easier to handle and set up for less fatigue. The starter kit includes 7 connected cups and adapters.  

For more information: www.OTCTools.com.