Apollo Adds Pinza HT to Vredestein Light Truck Tire Line

Nov. 22, 2022

Apollo Tyres Ltd. is expanding its Vredestein light truck tire line with the addition of the Vredestein Pinza HT, a highway all-season product designed for pickup trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles.

"The Pinza HT has unique features that keep the comfort of the driver in mind," say Apollo officials.

"The symmetric pattern of the Pinza HT is molded from an all-season tread compound intended to improve tread wear. Larger shoulder blocks across the tire help stabilize cornering for more confident handling in vehicles with a higher center of gravity or under heavier loads.

"Additional features secure the Pinza HT as a well-rounded all-season tire. Independent tread blocks are staggered to minimize tread noise, while generous pass-through notches help evacuate water into the large circumferential grooves to decrease hydroplaning. The tread blocks also feature dense siping designed to provide biting edges for maximum grip in slippery or wet conditions. "The Pinza HT will offer a highly-durable tire for drivers who put many miles on their vehicles for work or recreation and are looking for maximum tread life. It will join the ranks of Vredestein’s six other tire lines and, like the others, will stand out with its own uniquely designed visual identity that helps differentiate it from other tires in the market."The new tire comes with 70,000-mile warranty (50,000-mile for LT sizes) and also is backed by a road hazard warranty."The Pinza HT is a perfect example of the efforts of our marketing and R&D teams to create an ideal tire for trucks and SUVs across North America," says Abhishek Bisht, assistant vice president, Americas. "This new highway terrain tire has been tested in a variety of conditions - over thousands of miles - to ensure the end consumer gets optimal performance, comfort and durability from their highway tire."The Vredestein Pinza HT will be available through Vredestein’s network across the United States. 

Apollo introduced the Vredestein Pinza AT to the North American market last year.