Sailun Says New Mixing Technology Will 'Revolutionize' Industry

April 7, 2022

Sailun Tire Group says its new mixing technology, EcoPoint3, allows rubber compounding materials to be mixed "fully uniformly, under continuous liquid phase conditions," for performance optimization.

"This means that no matter the type of tire - high performance, touring, all-season, winter, etc. - Sailun's EcoPoint3 technology will adapt to deliver the right rubber balance for exceptional performance and longevity in a wide range of vehicle and seasonal applications," note Sailun officials, who add that the technology "will create a rubber revolution in the tire industry."

In development for nearly 10 years, EcoPoint3 will be initially available in Sailun's new ERANGE EV, a flagship product that has been designed and manufactured specifically for electric vehicles.

"EcoPoint3 technology not only improves a tire's rolling resistance for increased efficiency, but also enhances traction and provides more durable tire wear resistance - making tires that can last longer and perform better for a safer, more energy-efficient and comfortable drive."

Sailun officials say EcoPoint3 "is ideally suited for the demands of EV drivers and will enhance EV performance by helping to increase range, enhance performance and deliver a quiet and comfortable driver experience.

"ERANGE EV tires will also feature increased load-bearing capacity to account for the extra weight of vehicle batteries and advanced tread patterns and specifically formulated rubber compounds will be able to handle the instant torque of EVs for longer-lasting tread life and increased performance."

"We're thrilled to officially launch EcoPoint3 and see a project come to life after several years in development," says Ron Dolan, president, Sailun Tire Americas.

"EcoPoint3 is a game-changer for the tire industry, both for the quality of tires it will produce, but also in the way tires are made moving forward."