Hilltop Tire Service Celebrates 95 Years in Business

Feb. 15, 2022

Hilltop Tire Service, a family-owned and operated dealership, is celebrating 95 years of business in 2022.

Leonard Holt, the great-grandfather of present owners Wes Holt and Loren Holt, founded Hilltop Tire Service in 1927.

Hilltop Tire Service is the oldest tire and auto repair company in Des Moines, Iowa.

“We have reached this significant milestone by staying focused on the one thing that was most important to my great-grandfather when he first started doing business - excellent customer service,” says Wes Holt, president, Hilltop Tire Service.

According to Holt, the dealership started as a small gas station on the same corner of East 29th Street and Hubbell Avenue where the company continues to thrive today.

“Back then, he wasn’t much competition for the other two prosperous gas stations on the same corner,” says Holt. "So the first thing my great grandfather did was lengthen his hours of business dramatically longer than the competition and showered his customers with exceptional customer service.” 

A few years later,, the dealership started selling tires. “It’s pretty much all history from there,” Holt says. 

Hilltop Tire Service now has three locations around Des Moines.