Tire Discounters Details Franchise and Acquisition Program

June 25, 2021

Tire Discounters Inc. has formalized its franchise and acquisition program options. The nation's eighth-largest independent tire dealer is calling its program "Protect Your Legacy."

The company revealed its plan to start a franchise program to MTD in September 2020, and on June 25 made it official with an event at its new headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jamie Ward, CEO and president of Tire Discounters, said, “We believe we have several compelling options for tire and auto business owners to consider as they look to protect their legacies into the future.”

Ward said the program focuses on helping family-owned businesses protect their legacy by offering succession planning options.

“We hear continually from owner-operators of mom-and-pop shops that they are struggling; it’s everything from supply costs, payroll, competitors to hiring and keeping good talent to IT expenses and security," Ward said. "They tell us they are handcuffed to the business and tired — they are unable to take vacations or take a much-needed break from the business.

“Frankly, their succession options are limited,” he said. “That’s where we can come in and help them.”

Tire Discounters' Protect Your Legacy program offers three options to tire and automotive business owners:

1. Acquisition: Sell real estate and business to Tire Discounters

Owners can retire fully and know that their customers will be taken care of by another family-owned business.

2. Sell, and lease: Sell business to Tire Discounters, keep the real estate

This is an opportunity for owners to continue to make money with monthly rental income.

3. Franchise: Partner with Tire Discounters and gain resources

This option gives franchisees access to resources from Tire Discounters, including:

  • Cost-savings with buying power with more than 140 stores and more than 325,000 tires in stock and access to three distribution centers. 
  • The Tire Discounters name, which the company says is nationally known and whose founder in 2020 was named Tire Dealer of the Year 2020 by MTD.
  • Access to Tire Discounters’ systems and processes like training, operations and customer communication.
  • Training opportunities.
  • Cutting-edge, award-winning, robust marketing support including mass media, promotions management and store materials.
  • Benefits of a family-owned business, which include a focus "on the customer, not the shareholder," plus succession planning, a support structure and "trust and authenticity through a unified leadership."

“Tire Discounters will welcome family-owned businesses that are looking to maintain a family legacy but are unable to make the financial commitment in today’s competitive market,” Ward said. “We are hearing from companies who want us to continue to look after their customers in the way they do. That’s exactly the types of companies we’re after.”

Here's how two early users of the Protect Your Legacy program are putting it to work:

Porterfield Tire

In December 2020 Tire Discounters became the operator of the Porterfield Tire  stores in Athens and Watkinsville, Ga., as well as Porterfield’s commercial outlet and warehouse. The Porterfield family maintained ownership of the store properties and is leasing to Tire Discounters. The next generations of the Porterfield family joined Tire Discounters, working alongside the seasoned and local Tire Discounters field management team.

Westgate Tire

Tire Discounters has acquired Westgate Tire and Auto Service, based in Newport, Tenn. Tire Discounters already has one location there, and the Westgate store has joined Tire Discounters’ Knoxville region.

“Just like us, Westgate Tire, has been family owned and operated since the ‘70s by the Chrisman family and truly understands the commitment to outstanding customer service,” Ward said.

“This is a unique offering and one we are proud to bring to the Porterfield and Chrisman families and we look forward to welcoming other businesses to the Tire Discounters family with the same commitment.”

For more information about the franchise program, visit www.tirediscounters.com/franchise.