MTD Facts Issue: South Carolina Has the Most Tire Plants

Feb. 6, 2023

South Carolina has 12 tire manufacturing plants, according to MTD’s 2023 Facts Issue – the most of any U.S. state. Those plants have a combined manufacturing capacity of around 144,000 units per day.

Six of those plants are owned and operated by Michelin North America Inc.

Tennessee has the second highest number of tire manufacturing plants in the U.S. with six, which together have a daily manufacturing capacity of 59,000 tires.

Georgia, Illinois, Iowa and Mississippi each have three tire manufacturing plants, according to MTD research – with the Georgia plants enjoying the most production capacity (58,700 per day), followed by Illinois (52,700 units per day), Mississippi (47,800 tires per day) and Iowa (15,100 units per day.)

Alabama, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma and Virginia each have two tire manufacturing plants. Of the five, the Oklahoma plants have the highest combined daily production capacity at 105,400 units – followed by North Carolina (65,500 daily units), Virginia (39,800 units per day), Alabama (34,700 units per day) and Ohio (23,300 units per day.)

Outside of the U.S., but within the greater North American region, there are 11 tire manufacturing plants in Mexico and six tire plants in Canada.

JK Tyres & Industries has the most tire production plants in Mexico with three. Michelin has the most tire manufacturing plants in Canada with three.

Check out MTD’s 2023 Facts Issue here to see an in-depth analysis of all tire manufacturing plants in North America, including what each plant produces and those facilities’ total daily production capacities.