Continental Launches New Line of Filtration Products

Sept. 8, 2022

Continental has just added a new line of filtration products to its aftermarket products portfolio. 

The new line features a range of OE oil, fuel, air and cabin filters for applications on domestic and import cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks.

“Built to ensure safe engine operation and clean air in the vehicle interior, our premium OE quality filters are designed to deliver reliable protection against dirt, abrasion, ultrafine particles and moisture for injection systems, engines and passengers,” says Laura Huerst, product manager, Continental. 

“These world class filters are produced to the same quality and performance standards we apply to our original equipment parts.” 

Continental air filters help ensure a constant air supply to the combustion chamber by efficiently filtering out impurities and dirt particles that can clog injectors, increase engine wear and affect fuel consumption. 

Continental cabin filters offer a high level of efficiency and microbiological decomposition, as well as a resistance to moisture. 

Continental gasoline fuel filters are designed to retain impurities less than a micrometer and also separate water from fuel to help prevent power loss and potential engine damage, say Continental officials.