USTMA Provides Update on Members' Sustainability Efforts

June 14, 2021

In its newly released “Milepost 2020: Climate Change Mitigation Sustainability Update,” the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) provides an update on what its members are doing to help mitigate climate change.

“USTMA’s climate vision takes a holistic view of climate change mitigation throughout a tire’s life cycle, encompassing the full scope of members’ operations and supply chain,” says Anne Forristall Luke, USTMA's president and CEO.

“Our members are committed not only to manufacturing products that reduce CO2 emissions, but also to research and development of materials with lower carbon footprints.

"In addition, they are taking proactive measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing facilities and advancing the circular economy for scrap tires. Our members have made significant advances in all of these areas in recent years.”

Luke, during an address a the 2021 World Rubber Summit, mentioned that USTMA members continue to develop low rolling resistance technology and are taking action to reduce the carbon footprints of their manufacturing facilities.

"In addition to reducing CO2 emissions from manufacturing operations, many tire manufacturers are actively researching and using recycled and renewable feedstocks that have a lower CO2 emissions profile," say USTMA officials.

"Additionally, USTMA members support sustainable and circular markets for scrap tires, including markets that reduce CO2 emissions compared to those associated with the manufacture and transport of virgin materials."

For more information, access “Milepost 2020: Climate Change Mitigation Sustainability Update.”