Nexen Reveals New Slogan: 'We Got You'

June 11, 2021

Nexen Tire Corp. has revealed the company's new corporate slogan: "We Got You," a message it says is a pledge "to enhance customer satisfaction in mobility and beyond tire manufacturing."

The slogan is part of an overhaul of Nexen's brand identity system, and "We Got You" maintains the company's focus on keeping people at the center of its work. Nexen says it wants to make people more connected to the world, and also reflects the company's commitment "to provide customers with utmost convenience anytime, anywhere."

“Thanks to the continued support of our customers, Nexen Tire has quickly become one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers,” says Travis Kang, Global CEO of Nexen. “We are excited to launch into this new chapter, aiming to satisfy our customers by improving the quality of their mobility.”

Nexen says its brand strategy will extend to a variety of promotional activities and marketing programs especially within the digital space. The goal will be to strengthen the new identity with customers and stakeholders. The company created a brand film to distribute online to build relations with customers and help them connect to the new brand identity. Internally, global brand communication guidelines have been developed and circulated to employees worldwide for consistent message delivery to customers.

Nexen plans to take the lead in developing "innovative technologies, designs and services that enhance customer mobility." That will include the introduction of new products as electric, hydrogen and self-driving cars gain a foothold in the market.