Atlas Platinum has grown to become one of the most well-known and respected names in the automotive industry for car lifts, tire changers, wheel balancers, and other automotive equipment. We have spent years developing a line of products designed to meet specific customer needs. 

Atlas Platinum differentiates itself from the competition by offering top of the line product, technical support, the best warranties in the industry, fast shipping times, and a large range of ALI certified lifts in our Atlas Platinum line. Our dedicated and professional sales team has years of experience to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support during product inquiries. 

Vehicle lift shopping can be exhausting. There are many features one looks for when purchasing a lift and we have made certain that all of our Atlas Platinum models include these “must have” features when purchasing a lift. Our years of product and consumer research has led to the absolute best ALI certified lifts in the industry.  Due to popular consumer demand, we have also made the recent decision to change the Atlas Platinum color scheme of both 2 and 4 post lifts back to their original blue with yellow color scheme.

Our ALI certified Atlas Platinum AP-PVL10-2/3 is hands down our most popular two post lift that we sell. It was engineered and built to offer a commercial grade above ground lift to those customers who have "fallen in love" with the reliability offered by the Double S column design. The AP-PVL-10-2/3 can be installed with the columns positioned symmetrically or asymmetrically. When the columns are installed in the asymmetrical configuration, there may be some benefit to open car doors. When the columns are installed in the symmetric configuration there is more width between the columns for drive through clearance. The three-stage telescoping front arm design offers easy vehicle access and superior vehicle lift point support. Other must have features of the AP-PVL10-2/3 include double screw-up rubber/metal truck adapters with truck height extensions, protective rubber pads mounted to the carriage, single point lock release, and a price that cannot be matched by any other ALI certified 10,000lb. capacity lift in the industry. We even offer a two-foot column extension for those lifting vans or taller vehicles with ladder racks.

If you need a lift that will lift heavier trucks and vans frequently, Atlas Platinum has you covered. Our ALI certified 12,000 lbs. and 15,000 lbs. capacity two post lifts are found in several diesel and heavy-duty truck service centers across the country. The Atlas Platinum AP-PVL-12-3 was engineered to accommodate both long wheel-base trucks and passenger cars. The distance between the symmetrical columns is almost 124" with a drive through space of over 110". The extra distance between the symmetrical columns will allow the widest of vehicles to be lifted. This lift also sets itself apart from the competition by featuring a lowered minimum arm height of 4 1/2”. This, along with the 3 stage telescoping arms allows mechanics to lift small passenger vehicles as well as longer wheel-base diesel trucks.

The ALI certified AP-PVL15-2 is a favorite amongst those service shops specializing in heavy duty truck diesel work. This 15,000 lb. capacity lift is made up of 2,500 lbs. of high-grade steel that is a beast in structure compared to its competition. The AP-PVL-15-2 has an overall height of 14' 6 1/2" and can be extended by an extra two feet to accommodate taller vehicles with the purchase of a separate height extension. As with our other Atlas Platinum 2 post overhead lifts, the PVL-15-2 also includes screw rubber/metal truck adapters with truck height extensions, a 5 years structural and 2 year hydraulic/power unit parts warranty. 

For those who do not have the ceiling height for an overhead lift or prefer a 4-post lift, Atlas Platinum has many other options. Our ALI certified Atlas Platinum AP-PVL-9BP-3 is a 9,000 lbs. capacity, baseplate 2 post lift designed for professional service centers. The open-top design of this lift makes it ideal for garages with low ceilings. The AP-PVL-9BP-3 can lift a range of the most common vehicles on the market, both foreign and domestic, while also having the capacity to handle both full-size pickups.

The Atlas Platinum AP-PVL14 and AP-PVL14OF-EXT are both commercial grade 14,000 lbs. capacity, ALI certified lifts. The difference between the two is the Atlas Platinum AP-PVL14 is a standard 4 post lift with the option to add a bolt on alignment kit later. The Atlas Platinum AP-PVL14OF-EXT is a four post, commercial grade opens front alignment lift built for years of dependable service for the busiest of automotive shops. The longer runway length can accommodate those customers who have the “Camera Tower Alignment System” and are required to “rollback” long wheelbase vehicles. In addition, the AP-PVL14OF-EXT has no crossbeam in the front of the lift making all the under-car operations even easier. Both 4 post lifts have the option of adding the AP-RJ7000 rolling jack when doing wheel/break work and tires need to be lifted off the runways. The AP-RJ7000 is an air/hydraulic rolling jack with telescoping arms that can be extended over the runways of the four-post lift making lifting a breeze.  

All our Atlas Platinum lifts feature the best in the industry ALLY Power Units. This premium power unit is certified by MET Laboratories Inc. for electrical compliance in the United States and Canada. Extra heavy-duty armatures and additional motor windings with increased silver metal included in the wires and connections create far less heat generation and allow ALLY Hydraulic power units to maintain constant torque through the lifting process. 

Atlas Platinum is also a leader in both the tire changer, wheel balancer, and alignment industry. Our Italian engineered tire changers and balancers are designed for high volume shops undertaking several sets of tires a day. We offer both rim clamp and center post designed tire machines. Our wheel balancers use the true quality Italian components used by the "Big 3" Italian manufacturers. Precision engineering of the vibratory system, and advanced features that ensure both reliable results and a reliable machine were the absolute minimum standard when we set out to produce a balancer range capable of working in the most demanding environments. Backed by AMERICAN service and support and built by one of Europe's oldest and leading manufacturers, the Atlas Platinum alignment machines separate themselves from the competition. Accuracy and ultra-quick measuring times are now possible at an extremely low and affordable cost. 

We know that shopping for Automotive Equipment can at times seem overwhelming. The philosophy behind the Atlas and Atlas Platinum Brands is simplewe provide THE ABSOLUTELY BEST combination of price and quality. 

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