Digital Marketing Made Easy with Optimize Social Media

June 7, 2022

Navigating the digital world isn’t always easy. In 30 seconds you can access every auto shop within a 50 mile radius, their hours, services, price estimates, and reviews. With this new technology comes a whole new group of competition, and you don’t want to fall behind. Managing your digital presence while maintaining a busy shop isn’t always realistic, luckily experts in the field from Optimize Social Media are here to help. 

Optimize Social Media made their way managing social media for automotive businesses when they noticed the lack of social media help available for their clients. “I think it was even written down on a napkin, ‘Can we do this and how do we bring this to them to be able to help them?’ (It) all started from there and we jumped in.”, said Jordan Greene, Director of Partner Relationships at Optimize

From there Optimize jumped into the world of digital marketing. Optimize found that having the opportunity to work with clients on all of their digital marketing and having a unified goal on all fronts drastically impacted their success. 

Optimize has decades of experience working in the automotive industry. They understand what works for your audience and are able to stay on top of upcoming trends to keep your digital presence up-to-date. 

Why invest in digital marketing?

“How did you build your business and usually that first response to their marketing is word of mouth, right?” states Jon Napoli Strategic Account Manager. “They built their business on trust and word of mouth. We call social media, world of mouth advertising. That one recommendation can be seen by 10s of hundreds 1000s of people.”

Optimize is a one-stop-shop for digital marketing. Optimize focuses on the Power Five to provide and maintain an all encompassing digital presence. This Power FIve includes: Google Website, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, and YouTube. Along with the Power Five, Optimize also provides reputation management, digital advertising, and brand management. Whether it’s responding to a negative review, or updating your holiday hours, OSM has you covered. 

These core services are provided for only $10/day. If you have a knack for maintaining your social media accounts or are working on a tight budget, Optimize suggests you put your money into maintaining your Google My Business page. 

“This is typically a needs driven industry. It's easily forgotten how important that connection between the consumer and the business means to the consumer when they're choosing a place to go. Putting that effort into the social front (is) a no brainer to us, especially in that needs driven industry, because once you can make that connection of ‘hey, you know, they're funny or they're relatable’ then when my car breaks down on the side of the road, I already know who I'm gonna call. Even if I do that quick Google search, as soon as I see them in that three pack, or whatever the case is, I'm going to pick that person because I already have that emotional connection there” says Greene. 

With Optimize, digital marketing management is just one phone call away. 

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