Martins Industries Has New Series of Heavy-Duty Tire Inflation Cages

Sept. 20, 2018

Martins Industries Inc.’s new series of heavy-duty tire inflation cages, MIC-6HD, include new safety features designed to virtually eliminate the possibility of injury during the tire inflation process.

The company says innovative safety features include six heavy-duty reinforcement bars, a pneumatic safety valve on the cage door, an air hose with lock-on chuck, and an air deflection system for maximum containment. The inflation cages ensure all compliance with local safety regulations in North America and Europe.

Martins offers more than 20 different models of tire inflation safety cages, and three in the MIC-6HD series. MIC-6HD users can choose from the Inflation Cage 6 Bars HD, the Inflation Cage Kit which includes an automatic inflator kit, or the Inflation Pit Stop 6 Bars HD.