Tracer Articles Has New R1234yf Leak Detection Kit

May 2, 2019

The newest R-1234yf leak detection kit (TPOPUV19) from Tracer Articles features the company’s Fluoro-Lite 5 fluorescent dye.

The company says because R1234yf is more expensive to manufacture, even the smallest A/C leaks can be costly to fix. Add dye to the system, scan, and see all leaks glow brightly. 

The R1234yf/PAG A/C Dye UV Leak Detection Kit includes the Opti-Pro UV cordless, violet light LED leak dection light, EZ-Ject injector and Mini-EZ dye cartridges for single-dose A/C servicing and billing, and R-1234yf/PAG A/C dye for modern A/C systems. The kit treats up to three A/C systems.

Tracer Articles is a division of Spectronics Corp.