Tech200Pro Works With Shop's Point-of-Sale System

Dec. 21, 2017

The Tech200Pro from Bartec USA LLC is designed to work with a shop’s existing point-of-sale system or Bartec’s Service Center System to make it easy, fast and accurate to inform customers of their tires’ condition.

Bartec says the Tech200Pro is the first tool to combine tread depth measurement, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensor testing and digital pressure measurement.  The Tech200Pro is quickly set up for a specific make, model and year by simply accepting the vehicle lookup from a shop’s point of sale system. 

There is no scanning or looking for the bar code; the vehicle data that’s already in the shop’s P.O.S. is sent directly to the tool.  When the inspection is complete, the data is then sent wirelessly to the P.O.S. or tablet. A color report with gauge tire pressure, TPMS tire pressure, remaining tread, tread wear, and TPMS sensor battery state can be printed.