Tire tip teaches consumers how to read

May 3, 2012

Yokohama Tire Corp. recently released the seventh video in its consumer-friendly educational video series -- “Tire Tips.”

The lastest installment, posted on YouTube, features an updated version of how to read a tire’s sidewall.

"Understanding the information on the sidewall of a tire is very important for selecting the appropriate replacement tire,” says Fred Koplin, Yokohama's director of marketing communications. “However, many consumers are not familiar with what the sidewall markings mean."

The previous installment focuses on smart buying tips for tires in a tough economy. It offers  cost-saving advice that includes when consumers should replace tires, how many tires at a time and what to consider in selecting an appropriate replacement.

Koplin said future Tire Tips videos will continue to provide suggestions to  consumers on ways to get the most out of their tires.

Here are links to the other six videos:

1. Proper inflation.

2. How to read a sidewall.

3. Choosing light truck and SUV tires.

4. Tires 101.

5. Fuel efficiency.

6. Smart buying tips.

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