Maxxis holds dealer conference in Thailand

July 18, 2012

Close to 100 distributors recently met in Pattaya, Thailand, for the first Maxxis Asian & African Distributor Conference. Held June 25-27, the conference urged attendees to “Rev It Up -- Beyond All Limits” in their efforts to promote Maxxis’ products.

Distributors came from all across the two continents, with attendees representing countries including Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. On the opening night of the conference, Maxxis President Dr. Wally Chen discussed Maxxis’ Triple 3 philosophy, and spoke of the importance of the employees, suppliers and distributors who comprise the Maxxis family.

(The Maxxis Triple 3 philosophy refers to 100% quality, 100% service and 100% trust.)

During the conference, the distributors attended programs designed to generate and share ideas. Attendees also received new product updates, technical briefings and information on Maxxis’ marketing plans. Input from participants helped to create what the company says are breakthrough strategies for a prosperous and mutually beneficial future.

Participants also toured the recently expanded and upgraded Maxxis factory in Rayong, Thailand. When not busy with conference events, attendees took time to enjoy the shopping, dining and leisure options of Pattaya, a popular tourist destination in South Asia. The conference concluded with the 2012 Maxxis Football Cup, which featured two friendly soccer games between teams representing Maxxis and the distributors.

"We are delighted that so many of our partners in the Middle East, Asia and Africa were able to join us for this important conference, and very much value their input into the plans that will not only determine our strategic direction across Africa and Asia, but will also support their own efforts to develop business in key markets,” says Lenny Lee, Maxxis International's director of sales and marketing.

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