ASA Automotive is acquired by Constellation

Dec. 11, 2013

Constellation Software Inc. has announced that its Vela Operating Group (Vela), through its Friedman division, has completed the acquisition of the business of ASA Automotive Systems LLC (ASA).

ASA Automotive Systems is a supplier of on‐premise and cloud‐based software products for tire dealers, auto repair shops, and retreaders. ASA provides point‐of‐sale, e‐commerce, order processing, accounting and business management solutions for the retail, commercial and wholesale tire and automotive organizations.

ASA products currently manage the sale of over $3 billion in tire and services revenue per year in the United States and Canada.

The company says the ASA business will operate as an independent division of Friedman and will continue to develop, enhance and market software their solutions.

“The acquisition of the ASA Automotive business complements Friedman's markets and product portfolio. The ASA product offering will enable us to further grow our already strong presence in retail and wholesale supply chain operations,” says Mark Thompson, chief executive officer of Friedman.

ASA President Ken Halle says, “This acquisition is extremely positive for both our loyal customers and staff. Our mission will not change, as we remain focused on driving quality products and services to our valued customers.

"This new relationship will give us access to a broad network of software professionals along with providing the support and security of a strong global parent company to enable us to continue growing and building the ASA software brand.”

Constellation is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information on Constellation, visit

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