Cooper Will End Consumer Tire Production in England in 2019

Jan. 18, 2019

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. will cease production of light vehicle tires at its Melksham, England facility.

The company had announced in October that it was considering the move. Cooper says the goal is to help its subsidiary, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe Ltd., "enhance its competitiveness in the global tire industry."

Cooper says it expects that light vehicle tire production will be phased out over a 10-month period. About 300 jobs will be eliminated.

Melksham is the headquarters for Cooper Tire Europe, and that will remain unchanged The company says about 400 jobs will remain on site, including motorsports and motorcycle tire production, a materials business, sales and marketing, the Europe Technical Center, and the European headquarters.

In October Cooper said the Melksham facility was its most expensive production site, and that renovations weren't a viable option. Cooper says its tires will remain available to consumers in England, but will be produced elsewhere within its global production network.

“We are doing all possible to assist impacted employees as we take this necessary step to enhance Cooper Tire Europe’s competitiveness, enable our growth plans and secure a sustainable long-term future for our business,” says Jaap van Wessum, general manager of Cooper Tire Europe.