Nexen Finds an Innovation Partner for the Future

June 18, 2019

The company that helped make PayPal and Dropbox global, recognizable names and tools in the marketplace is partnering with Nexen Tire Corp. "to pursue innovative collaborations in the tire and mobility industries."

Plug and Play is a platform that connects technology startups with corporations, with the goal of spurring innovation. On June 13, during Plug and Play's Summer Expo in Sunnyvale, Calif., the company announced it was partnering with Nexen. The expo featured more than 500 attendees from major original equipment manufacturers, automotive suppliers and top tier venture capitalists and startups.

Nexen says with its partnership with Plug and Play it "will seek to partner up with the next wave of the most promising technologies in the tire and mobility industries. This should also enable Nexen Tire to realize its 'open R&D' philosophy, offering collaboration and partnerships, especially to firms in the tire technology field."

Don Lee, executive director of Nexen Tire America Technical Center said, "We hope to utilize this opportunity to build a stronger global presence in terms of technology and business, and transform into an innovative corporation while also contributing to the start-up ecosystem as a whole."

Sobhan Khani, vice president of mobility and the internet of things (IoT) at Plug and Play, said, "We hope this partnership will serve as an opportunity for both Nexen Tire and Plug and Play in nurturing an innovative business ecosystem for the automobile industry."

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