New Marketing Campaign Will Focus on Vredestein Lines

Nov. 21, 2019

Apollo Tyres Ltd. is launching a marketing campaign to promote the quality of its Vredestein Quatrac and Vredestein Wintrac lines.

The campaign will involve "the collaboration of the company's dealer network," say Apollo officials, and will include online digital ads "bringing to light the story and initiative of the company and its large Vredestein product lines. This is the first push of many to come" as the company will roll out new Vredestein products across multiple categories.

"We consider our customers as true partners," says Abhishek Bisht, global head of new markets and channels at Apollo. "With this collaborative marketing campaign, we will identify and communicate with consumers looking to buy premium-quality winter and all-weather tires, and lead them to our partner network, resulting in a win-win for both."

The campaign will be active through January 2020 "with a focused effort in the peak timeframe of dealer sell-out. The target demographic emphasizes a clientele interested in swapping from a combination of all-season and winter tires and moving to a single set of all-weather tires or an upgrade in winter tires in more extreme snow conditions."

Apollo believes that "the days of handling and storing two sets of tires will be a thing of the past in most regions."