Continental unveils the latest ExtremeContact

March 10, 2015

The new ExtremeContact DWS06, an ultra-high performance, all-season tire, will be available in May 2015. Continental Tire the Americas LLC says the next generation of its ExtremeContact DWS tire is built for sports cars, luxury sport cars and luxury sport crossovers.

“The ExtremeContactTM DWS06 is the evolution of our very popular, ExtremeContact DWS,” says Travis Roffler, director of marketing. “This is the ultimate UHP, all-season tire. We’ve maintained excellent snow traction while making improvements in wet traction, dry handling and tread life. This is a tire enthusiasts will really enjoy.”

The ExtremeContact DWS06 marks the debut of the company’s SportPlus Technology. Continental says the technology is designed for precise handling; security on wet, slippery roads; and excellent tread life.

Additionally, all-season traction is enhanced through the use of the company's Traction Grooves and X-Sipes technologies. Traction Grooves improve snow performance through increased pattern edges while X-Sipes improve braking, cornering and acceleration in wet, snow and ice.

The new tire also features Continental’s Alignment Verification System and Tuned Performance Indicators. The Alignment Verification System provides an early warning system to drivers alerting them to have the alignment checked on their vehicle. The Tuned Performance Indicators show the tire’s optimal performance levels in various conditions by displaying "D” for dry, “W” for wet and “S” for snow in the tread. 

The ExtremeContact DWS06 is backed by Continental’s new Total Confidence Plan. Under the plan, the all-season tire has a 60-day customer satisfaction trial and road hazard coverage (12 months or first 2/32 inches) as well as a 72-month manufacturer’s limited warranty program. Also included is a 50,000-mile limited mileage warranty and three-year flat tire roadside assistance.

The ExtremeContact DWS06 comes in 87 sizes from 16- to 22-inch wheel diameters with a W and Y speed rating.

The ExtremeContact DWS06 will roll out in three phases with the first phase beginning in early May of 2015 and final phase rolling out in fall of 2015.

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