Cooper helps travelers plan for road trips

March 24, 2015

It's spring break season, and while many flock to tropical locales with warm sunny beaches, others are destined to spend the time closer to home. For these spring breakers, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has teamed up with Roadtrippers, an Internet travel start-up, to pinpoint great adventures that are just 100 minutes from home.

Cooper and Roadtrippers have developed a custom road trip guide, available on the Roadtrippers website at and on iPhone and Android mobile apps. The guide encourages short-trippers to explore the roadside attractions, small-town wonders and hidden gems that await just 100 minutes away or less. The guide covers a variety of short-trip ideas in 20 major U.S. metropolitan markets for experiencing scenic, charming, and iconic attractions that often go unexplored, but have much to offer.

In addition to the Roadtrippers alliance, Cooper is teaming with influential family travel and parenting bloggers including Colorado Moms, MomSmack and Daily Mom to bring the short-trip concept to life. These bloggers have taken Cooper tires on several exploratory ‘100 Minutes From Home’ adventures through Denver, San Diego, New York City, Miami, Phoenix and Philadelphia. The bloggers share their travel experiences and create video highlights of each trip whether it’s antiquing along the west coast or uncovering hideaway camping sites just outside of Miami.

“The first leg of the trip went great,” says Michelle Thomas, Daily Mom’s contributing editor for the Phoenix area, during a ‘100 Minutes From Home’ family road trip. “The Cooper Discoverer A/T3 tires hugged the road for a really smooth ride. After driving around on our new Cooper Discoverer tires we are most impressed. They really gripped the road, much better than our older ones, not only in normal driving conditions, but also on the freeway at higher speeds, through a Monsoon storm, and additionally on some unpaved roads we encountered in a recent trip to the White Mountains. I feel so much more secure knowing we have these high-quality tires on our car, and truly believe their motto is true: all traction…all terrain…all the time!”

Cooper is using its partnership with Roadtrippers to highlight the importance of tire and vehicle maintenance, stressing that checking the tread and tire pressure of the vehicle's tires is a do-it-yourself project that takes less than 10 minutes. In addition, Cooper is reminding motorists to drive appropriately for the spring weather conditions, and also check the vehicle's load capacity before packing for any road trip.

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