Yokohama exec puts women buyers in perspective

April 21, 2015

Fred Koplin, senior director of marketing for Yokohama Tire Corp., will be part of an M2W panel of marketing executives focusing on how to gain more business and brand awareness among women in the automotive marketplace.

The 11th annual M2W (Marketing to Women Conference) will run from April 21-22, 2015, in Chicago.

Women’s value to the auto industry is almost $300 billion annually, according to Jody DeVere, CEO, who will moderate today's panel. Joining Koplin and DeVere on the panel are Hwei-Lin Oetken, vice president market intelligence, Kelley Blue Book; Marcela Tabares, senior vice president of strategic insights, A&E Networks; Sara Miller, senior program assistant, Motor Oil Matters; and Sondra Healy, owner, Turtle Wax.

"Yokohama is extremely conscientious about increasing our brand awareness to women," said Koplin. "They make up half of all tire purchases and have a particular interest in benefits such as fuel efficiency, safety and value.”

Tire dealers are increasingly aware of women customers and are creating a better atmosphere at stores, according to Koplin.

“Whether it’s at a tire store or an auto dealership, research shows the woman shopper wants a clean and comfortable environment where they can trust the salespeople. Leading retailers recognize this and are creating better retail shopping and service experiences.”

Women are careful shoppers, he said. “They ask the people they trust the right questions so they can get the best tires for their vehicles.”

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