Wegmann automotive earns top vendor honors

June 18, 2015

Wegmann automotive has been named vendor of the year by Prema Canada, a distributor of tire and wheel service supplies in Canada.

Wegmann automotive manufactures and markets the Perfect Equipment wheel weight brand in North America. Prema Canada was founded in 1954 and has evolved from a small, regional automotive and retread supply distributor into a network of independent tire and wheel service supply distributors servicing all of Canada.

Prema Canada President Dave Lottridge presented the award at the company’s annual sales event.

“Having support is great, and they always answer whenever I call,” says Lottridge. “They are also regularly introducing new products in our market and their quality is consistently high end.”

Wegmann automotive is the parent company of the Hofmann Power Weight brand as well as the Perfect Equipment brand. Wegmann automotive operates a distribution facility in Ontario.

For more information about Wegmann automotive, visit the company’s website.