Federal tires compete on a global scale

April 22, 2011

The boundaries of tiny Taiwan (13,973 square miles) don't hold back Federal Corp. The Taiwanese tire manufacturer competes globally, thanks to plants in Taiwan and China.

In Europe, the company's Federal and Hero tire brands recently were declared compliant with ETRMA (European Type & Rubber Manufacturers Association) regulations. Federal re-tested its brands in response to ETRMA’s recent report on "certain" Chinese-made tires that were accused of not complying with Reach (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) regulations.

The tires were tested at an independent testing center certified by ETRMA: TARRC (Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre).

“The most updated test reports released by TARRC have justified that both our Federal and Hero brand tires produced in our China factory are fully comply with Reach regulations on PAH oils according to ISO 21461 method accredited by UKAS,” says Henry Lin, director of global sales.

In Vietnam, Federal distributes its tires through a number of customers, including the Red Ants, a long-time business partner. The Vietnamese tire distributor's executives and employees recently visited Federal for a "start-to-finish" tour of its factory in Chung-Li, Taiwan.

During the gathering, held April 10-15, the group of 28 representatives shared ideas and "collaborative networks" to adapt and prosper in the market. There also was time for sightseeing, which included a memorable tour of the world-renowned National Palace Museum.

In Malaysia, Federal supplied tires to Kenny Lee, owner of Team Kegani Racing, as part of its sports marketing initiative. The team recently won the 2011 Sepang 1000km Endurance Race on Federal's FZ-201 Semi-Slick tires.

"Having the full backup from the Federal Motorsports team on our side was a huge asset, as these tires were quick and flawless," says Lee. "They showed amazing levels of grip and durability on a circuit which is renowned for being hard on tires even under such a scorching environment of Malaysia.”

Federal also actively participates in competitive drifting in Malaysia.