Steer the customer away from oversteer

May 30, 2011

How many times have you had a customer buy two new tires instead of four? How many times has that customer had a front-wheel drive vehicle?

How many times has he or she insisted you put the new tires on the front?

Convincing tire-buying customers of what they should and shouldn't do is not always easy. But putting two new tires on the back of the vehicle -- whether it has front- or rear-wheel drive -- is always the correct move. Understeer is better than oversteer.

Find out more about something every dealer has to face at one time or another in Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich's latest blog, "There is no debate: Put the new tires on the back."

How do you convince the vehicle owner to put the two new tires on the back, or two purchase four tires instead of two? Let us know by leaving a comment!