Yokohama video focuses on fuel efficiency

Nov. 9, 2011

Yokohama Tire Corp. recently released the fifth video in its consumer-friendly educational video series -- “Tire Tips.”

The lastest installment focuses on fuel efficiency. According to Fred Koplin, Yokohama director of marketing communications, the latest segment is designed to help consumers keep their vehicle and tires optimized for maximum fuel efficiency.

“When it comes to saving money on gas, not many consumers know how large a role tires can play. In this video, we explain how alignment, tire pressure and rolling resistance can affect a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. We also provide tips on how to make sure consumers get the most out of their tires and vehicles.”

One of the tires used in the new video to demonstrate efficiency is Yokohama’s dB Super E-spec. It uses orange oil technology for gas-saving low rolling resistance and features the ultra-thin AIRTEX Advanced Liner, which helps retain air and keep tires properly inflated.

To check out information and links to the other videos in the series, which started in 2010, click the links below.

Here are links to the other three videos:

1. Proper inflation.

2. How to read a sidewall.

3. Choosing light truck and SUV tires.

4. Tires 101.

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