Nexen Partnership Focuses on Healthy Youths

Dec. 10, 2018

Nexen Tire America Inc. has teamed up with the Manchester City Football Club to educate young people in Los Angeles on the importance of healthy living.

Manchester City has a global initiative called Cityzens Giving, which promotes healthy living to young people through the power of the sport.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Manchester City community coaches spent four days focusing on the Cityzens Giving Healthy Goals program. In Los Angeles the group trained 16 young leaders using both in-classroom and on-the-field workshops. The goal is to help young leaders develop their leadership and life skills, but also show them how they can use soccer for exercise, nutrition and a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

The four-day training culminated with the young leaders putting their newly developed skills into action by planning and executing a Thanksgiving soccer festival for up to 100 children from the local community on the final day.

As part of the event, Nexen also donated 60 turkeys which were given to local families in need.

Kyle Roberts, senior director of marketing for Nexen, says, “We are incredibly proud to be an official supporter of the Cityzens Giving Healthy Goals program. We can see its impact on young people and families in Los Angeles, and it’s an honor to be making a difference to the lives of these amazing individuals.

“One of Nexen Tire’s highest priorities is to become more involved in local communities. We’re extremely grateful to be able to give back, and we truly enjoy being a part of this fantastic community we are fortunate enough to call our home.”

Tom Pitchon, director of City Football Foundation, says, “We are extremely proud that our community footprint continues to grow and develop every year both in Manchester and across the globe. Events like this epitomize how football can be used to tackle a range of social issues and bring young people together.

“We are delighted to be working with Nexen Tire to help support our Young Leaders in LA and give them the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge with their local community.”

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